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Disruptive Innovation in Diagnostics and Healthcare with Randox

01 Jun 2022

Disruptive Innovation in Diagnostics and Healthcare with Randox

Randox Overview


Whilst the science is complex, the applications are not. Diagnostic testing takes place every day behind the scenes of GP surgeries, laboratories and hospitals.

Around 70% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results, and so, not surprisingly, we believe that earlier, more accurate and more accessible diagnostics are the key to improving global health and saving lives.

Randox is dedicated to improving healthcare using innovative diagnostic technologies, for a range of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and stroke.

At Mediray we are proud to partner with Randox and provide you with a selection of products and services from Randox in New Zealand. 


Diagnostic Reagents


Randox offer over 100 diagnostic reagents covering more than 100 disease markers. Our test panels include cardiology, lipids, specific proteins, therapeutic drug monitoring, antioxidants, diabetes and veterinary diagnostics. Randox reagents are internationally recognised as being of the ‘highest quality, delivering accurate traceability and precise patient results.

View the A-Z reagent portfolio 


Quality Controls 

For over 40 years Randox has been shaping the future of clinical diagnostics with our pioneering high-quality, cost-effective laboratory solutions. With approximately 70% of clinical decisions based on laboratory test results, it is essential that the results provided are accurate and reliable in order to prevent potential misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment. 

With an extensive product offering comprising third-party quality controls & calibrators, interlaboratory data management, external quality assessment, calibration verification and molecular IQC and EQA for infectious disease testing, you can count on Randox to deliver trustworthy results time and time again.


Download brochure 


Chemistry Analysers


With our extensive test menu and versatile range of analysers, the RX series continues to revolutionise patient testing in a variety of laboratory types including; Clinical Laboratories, University & Research Institutes, Veterinary Laboratories and Food & Wine Laboratories.



See the range of Randox Chemistry Analysers


RIQAS Programme 


EQA measures a laboratory's accuracy using 'blind' samples that are analysed as if they were patient samples. Results are returned to the scheme organiser for statistical analysis. Laboratories receive a report comparing their individual performance against other participants in the programme. Randox provides the largest international EQA programme with 50,000 participants called the RIQAS. 


EQA has a number of functions:
• Maintaining and improving the analytical quality of laboratory tests
• Improving interlaboratory agreement and raising standards
• Detecting equipment failures, identifying reagent problems, reviewing staff training
• Initiating and evaluating corrective actions
• Comparing different analytical methods

Participation in an EQA scheme will help produce reliable and accurate reporting of patient results. Quality results will reduce
time and labour costs, and most importantly provide accurate patient diagnosis and treatment.


Download RIQAS Brochure


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01 Jun 2022

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