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TEMPO - World class semi-automated microbiology enumeration technology

14 Oct 2022

TEMPO - World class semi-automated microbiology enumeration technology

TEMPO's automation boosts productivity while removing human error, while the automatic reading feature in the TEMPO® means there is no need for confirmation tests, making the process one step easier. From sample input, through to the reading phases, the TEMPO® is a fully traceable system and maintains data compliance. The automated enumeration system has the capability of testing a wide range of samples including environmental and food samples.

Testing technologies for microbial contamination have come a long way in efficiency, and the TEMPO® leads the way by utilising a highly accurate version of the most probable number technique.


Save time and consumables by using the Tempo method


Tempo uses

  • The system has been designed to detect and quantify microbial counts in food and beverages. The data output can be used to enhance internal quality protocols to ensure product hygiene and uncover product contamination at earlier stages.

  • The TEMPO® system will seamlessly quantify total viable counts, coliform counts, generic E. coli, Enterobacteriaceae, lactic acid bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, Campylobacter, yeast and mould counts, and counts of other quality indicators for food and environmental samples.




High Accuracy

  • The first automated method for Quality Indicators based on traditional microbiology – Repeatable & Reproducible (AOAC & ISO validations to support)
  • Remove human subjectivity and errors – Easy sample preparation with minimal handling and automated sample results (no transcription errors)


  • Manage surge testing needs – Adaptable to manage variation in sample volume
  • Fast start for last-minute samples that come through the door
  • Quick and simple technical training
  • Shorten time to result compared to traditional methods
  • Pre-read feature – Anticipate out-of-specification results (early warning)


  • Optimised lab workflow – Free up technician time for other tasks
  • Reduce repetitive motion
  • Ready-to-use kits – No media preparation is required
  • No confirmation – Save time and money
  • No calibration required

Traceability – Sample tracking from creation to reading

  • User management
  • Sample management through barcoding
  • Reagent tracking
  • Automated card reading

Savings – Increase productivity and accuracy

  • Reduce product storage time due to fast turnaround time
  • Reduce labour time & the need for re-testing samples

Reduce waste & carbon footprint

  • Long reagent shelf-life
  • Reduce incubator space
  • Fewer serial dilutions required


  • True enumeration – Direct count
  • Selective reagents – Ready to use
  • Incubation time tracked by the software

Flexible system

  • Ability to adapt to lab testing requirements
  • Card set up and reading simultaneously


Available tests


How the Tempo® system operates



Case studies 


  • BrucePac™ Implements TEMPO® to Improve Laboratory Productivity
  • A Major Dairy Processor Implements TEMPO® to Expand Overall Quality Program
  • Blount Fine Foods Improves Quality Assurance with bioMérieux



Team Mediray

14 Oct 2022

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