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pH Electrode - HI1210T


Combination PEI-body pH electrode, with gel electrolyte and T-type connection.

Brand: Hanna

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  • Screw cap connector and PG 13.5 thread
  • Easy operation
  • Double-junction technology
  • Pressure up to 3 bar (43.5 PSI)

Electrodes featuring a T-connector have been designed by HANNA to gain the advantages of both PG 13.5 thread and screw cap. The PG 13.5 thread ensures proper in-line installation, furthermore, the user can quickly and easily perform all servicing and maintenance procedures. The screw cap allows for maximum versatility making it possible to connect a cable of different lengths. Easily detacheable cables make electrode replacement simple.

Many models are available to choose from, all of which feature a double junction of gel polymer filling to ensure long electrode life and reliability in harsh environments. In addition, users can select from ground-glass or cloth junction technology to meet the needs of their specific application.

Electrodes featuring a PEI body are ideal for use in moderately aggressive liquids, such as in wastewater, while electrodes featuring glass bodies are recommended with more aggressive chemicals, such as in galvanic applications.

These sensors are also suitable to be operated with moderate pressure up to 3 bar (43.5 psi) and operating temperature limits of -5 up to 95ºC (23 to 203ºF).

HANNA electrode holders and assemblies are featured at the end of this section for in-line and submersion applications. These optional accessories can be dismantled and reassembled easily without requiring any special tools.

Body Material PEI
Junction double, cloth
Electrolyte gel
Temperature -5 to 80°C (23 to 176°F)
Max Pressure 3 bar (43.5 psi)
Connector T-type