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VIDAS Heat & Go unit, 220V - OT-93555

VIDAS Heat & Go unit - Dry heating block used to heat samples undergoing pathogen testing using automated VIDAS® and mini VIDAS® systems

Brand: bioMérieux

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Food sample cultures are heated prior to testing to allow detection of the target organism. Prior to the VIDAS® Heat and Go, a boiling water bath was typical protocol for heating food samples. Lab workers would manually label tubes and transfer samples in and out of the tubes and in and out of the boiling water bath. The VIDAS® Heat and Go dry heating block streamlines this process by eliminating the manual steps of labeling and transferring the sample tubes. The use of a dry heating block offers food laboratories increased safety in pathogen detection. The VIDAS® Heat and Go provides enhanced traceability of sample results, eliminating the risk of mislabeling sample tubes. Additionally, the dry heating block ensures the appropriate temperature is maintained throughout the heating process.

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