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Mate and Plate™ Library - Universal Arabidopsis (Normalized), 5 x 1 mL

The Normalized Mate & Plate Libraries are high-complexity cDNA libraries cloned into a GAL4 AD vector and transformed into yeast strain Y187. These libraries significantly reduce the labor and time required to perform a yeast two-hybrid screen because library amplification and yeast transformation have already been done. Additionally, normalization selectively removes highly abundant transcripts from the libraries to enhance the representations of low-abundance and rare cDNAs.

Brand: Takara

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CLT630487 Mate and Plate™ Library - Universal Arabidopsis (Normalized), 5 x 1 mL Mate and Plate™ Library - Universal Arabidopsis (Normalized), 5 x 1 mL Login for price  

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This yeast two-hybrid library was constructed from HeLa S3 cDNA that had been previously normalized to preferentially remove abundant cDNAs derived from high-copy-number mRNAs. The normalization process incorporates a Duplex-Specific Nuclease (DSN) treatment and SMART technology, and increases the representation of low-copy-number transcripts in the library. This reduces the number of clones that must be screened to identify positive interactions, and facilitates the identification and characterization of novel protein-protein interactions.

HeLa S3 cDNA library transformed into yeast strain Y187. The library can be readily mated to a MATaGAL4 reporter strain, such as AH109 or Y2HGold.

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