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API 10 S

API 10 S Kit - Simplified identification of Gram (-) rods in 18-24 hrs, 50 strips

Brand: bioMérieux

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OT-10100 API 10 S Kit API 10 S Kit Login for price  
OT-70402 TDA (2x1 ampule) TDA (2x1 ampule) Login for price  
OT-70442 NIT 1 NIT 2 (2x2 ampules) NIT 1 NIT 2 (2x2 ampules) Login for price  
OT-70542 James (2x1 ampule) James (2x1 ampule) Login for price  
OT-20150 Suspension Medium (5 ml) Suspension Medium (5 ml) Login for price  
OT-55635.632135 Oxidase Reagent Oxidase Reagent Login for price  
OT-70100 ParafFin oil ParafFin oil Login for price  
OT-70200 Rack of 12 ampules Rack of 12 ampules Login for price  
OT-70250 Sterile PSIpettes (5ml) Sterile PSIpettes (5ml) Login for price  

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Right from the moment it launched, API® completely revolutionized the field of bacteriology. API® brings together high quality and ease of use with standardized, miniaturized strips of biochemical tests to use with comprehensive identification databases. With API®, bacterial and fungal identification is simple, rapid and reliable.

That’s why today, API® is recognized as THE REFERENCE for identification of bacterial and fungal species.

  • API® strips are established as the reference technique worldwide: on top of routine use, it is also used to assess the performance of other identification products
  • API® products have led to the identification of new bacterial species (e.g.: within the Staphylococcus and Streptococcus genera)
  • Now supported by apiweb™ for easy interpretation

With multiple biochemical reactions in limited wells along with a wide identification database on the market, API® makes bacterial identification reliable and accurate.

  • Brings standardization
  • API® numerical identification calculation method, with related software, makes identification easy and ensures accuracy
  • Regularly updated databases and software applications
  • Most extensive range available
    • 15 identification systems – practically all groups of bacteria and yeasts
    • Over 700 different species
    • Around 1,000 different biochemical tests in routine use

API® is easy to use and implement for both routine use and as a complementary method in labs that primarily use automated methods.

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