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LEGENDplex Human Diabesity Panel Standard, 1 vial

Brand: Biolegend

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BIO740915 LEGENDplex Human Diabesity Panel Standard, 1 vial LEGENDplex Human Diabesity Panel Standard, 1 vial Login for price  

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The LEGENDplex™ Human Diabesity Panel Standard contains 11 anti-human proteins including: PAI-1, GLP-1 (Total), Insulin, C-Peptide, TNFα, Glucagon, Leptin, Cortisol, IL-1β, IL-6, GLP-1 (Active). This standard cocktail is intended for use with the following in Mix and Match assay reagents:

740916 LEGENDplex™ Human Diabesity Panel Detection Antibodies
740918 LEGENDplex™ Human PAI-1 Capture Bead A4, 13X
740919 LEGENDplex™ Human GLP-1 (Total) Capture Bead A5, 13X
740920 LEGENDplex™ Human Insulin Capture Bead A7, 13X
740921 LEGENDplex™ Human C-Peptide Capture Bead A8, 13X
740273 LEGENDplex™ Human TNFα Capture Bead A10, 13X
740923 LEGENDplex™ Human Glucagon Capture Bead B3, 13X
740205 LEGENDplex™ Human Leptin Capture Bead B4, 13X
740925 LEGENDplex™ Human Cortisol Capture Bead B5, 13X
740669 LEGENDplex™ Human IL-1β Capture Bead B6, 13X
740927 LEGENDplex™ Human IL-6 Capture Bead B7, 13X
740928 LEGENDplex™ Human GLP-1 (Active) Capture Bead B9, 13X
740917 LEGENDplex™ Human Cortisol Tracer, 100X*
740368 LEGENDplex™ Buffer Set A
740377 LEGENDplex™ Filter Plate
740379 LEGENDplex™ V-Bottom Plate

*For Cortisol assay only

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