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2mm Electroporation Cuvettes 50pcs - CP9080.2

Sterile, Individually Wrapped, Bag of 50 Cuvettes/Unit, High-grade aluminum electrodes, Scratch-free surface for uniform pulse delivery to the entire sample, 2mm cuvette has a field strength of up to 12.5kV/cm for transformation of yeast cells, Compatible with ALL electroporators including Eppendorf

Brand: Genesee Scientific

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CP9080.2 (GS40-101 ) 2mm Electroporation Cuvettes 50pcs 2mm Electroporation Cuvettes 50pcs Login for price  

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Genesee brand electroporation cuvettes' high-grade aluminum electrodes are produced through a unique manufacturing process which ensures a scratch-free surface for uniform pulse delivery to the entire sample. The 2mm cuvette has a narrow gap for high field strength, used for yeast, bacterial, and eukaryotic cells. Comes with a distinguishing blue cap. 2mm cuvette: minimum volume 40µl / maximum volume 400µl

Cuvettes are available in three gap widths: 1mm, 2mm, and 4mm, to deliver the proper field strength to a variety of cell types. Use the 1mm cuvette to deliver pulses with the highest field strength, up to 25 kV/cm, for the high-efficiency electrotransformation of E. coli and other bacteria. For yeast transformation, generate pulses with a field strength up to 12.5 kV/cm using the 2mm cuvette. Mammalian cells typically require field strengths up to 6.25 kV/cm, which can be achieved using the 4mm cuvette.