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1mm Electroporation Cuvettes 50pcs - CP9080.1

Sterile, Individually Wrapped, Bag of 50 Cuvettes/Unit, High-grade aluminum electrodes, Scratch-free surface for uniform pulse delivery to the entire sample, 1mm Cuvete has a field strength of up to 25kV/cm for high efficiency transformation of E. coli, Compatible with ALL electroporators including Eppendorf

Brand: Genesee Scientific

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CP9080.1 (GS40-100) 1mm Electroporation Cuvettes 50pcs 1mm Electroporation Cuvettes 50pcs Login for price  

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Genesee brand electroporation cuvettes' high-grade aluminum electrodes are produced through a unique manufacturing process which ensures a scratch-free surface for uniform pulse delivery to the entire sample. The 1mm cuvette has the narrowest gap and shallow bottom for small sample volumes (40–80 µl) and very high field strength, used for yeast and bacterial transformation. Comes with a distinguishing white cap. 1mm cuvette: minimum volume 20µl / maximum volume 90µl

Cuvettes are available in three gap widths: 1mm, 2mm, and 4mm, to deliver the proper field strength to a variety of cell types. Use the 1mm cuvette to deliver pulses with the highest field strength, up to 25 kV/cm, for the high-efficiency electrotransformation of E. coli and other bacteria. For yeast transformation, generate pulses with a field strength up to 12.5 kV/cm using the 2mm cuvette. Mammalian cells typically require field strengths up to 6.25 kV/cm, which can be achieved using the 4mm cuvette.