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Biotix is a market leader in the development of novel liquid handling systems for the life sciences sector. Since its inception in 2005, the firm has swiftly grown to become a known and acknowledged brand, supplying high-quality pipette tips, filter tips, and other laboratory supplies to scientists and researchers all over the world. Biotix's technologies are intended to improve accuracy, precision, and throughput, allowing scientists to optimise their workflows and produce more consistent findings. The company's product portfolio comprises a diverse selection of pipette tips and other consumables, including the unique X-Resin tips, which provide remarkable precision and repeatability. Biotix is dedicated to quality, providing goods that have been rigorously tested and are supported by great customer service. The firm is committed to constant development and innovation, with a focus on producing innovative products that satisfy the changing demands of the life sciences sector. Biotix supports customers in academic, pharmaceutical, biotech, and clinical research institutions worldwide through a global distribution network.

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