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Evolution -86°C freezer - FL-BMEVO69086

Combining security and innovation, the Evolution ultra low temp freezer range is optimal for everyday use with regular door openings.

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  • A large touch screen for a clear interface


  • Large touch screen that centralises all functions of the freezer and allows intuitive operation.


  • Active monitoring of your samples
    - BoSS system,
    - Continuous recording of the freezer temperature,
    - Diagnostic menu (instant display of freezer operating parameters),
    - 20 differentiated alarms,
    - History of events,
    - Access to the settings of the freezer locked by password.


  • A freezer created for your laboratory
    - Freezer width of 87.5 cm regardless of the volume (possibility to pass 80 cm wide doors by dismounting the door handle),
    - Compartments of identical size on all volumes,
    - Removable gates for quick cleaning out of the freezer,
    - Removable cassette filter that can be cleaned and easily interchanged,
    - Heated door seal and anti frost formation,
    - Heated decompression valve for instant reopening of the door
    - Stainless steel inner bowl with rounded edges for easy cleaning,
    - Management of the position of the samples in the optional freezer


  • Wide range of interior equipment
  • - Sliding and anti-tilting shelves (optional),
    - Complete range of lateral access racks,
    - Complete range of drawer storage units,
    - Drawers suitable for storing microplates,
    - Baskets suitable for bulk storage,
    - Possibility of realization of custom storage elements.


  • Refrigerants compliant with the new F-Gas regulations
    As global warming and ecology in general are at the heart of our concerns, the refrigerants used in all Froilabo freezers comply with the new F-Gas regulations (EU No. 517/2014).

 General specifications

Raw volume

690 liters / 24.3 cu.ft. - 4 compartments

Storage capacity

48 000 cryotubes 2mL

Dimensions : externals (H x W x D)

internals (H x W x D)

1990 x 875 x 970 mm / 78.4 x 38.2 x 34.5 in.

1436 x 630 x 752 mm / 56.6 x 29.6 x 24.8 in.

Construction : external


Electrogalvanised steel with epoxy paint

Stainless steel inner tank with rounded corners


6 faces Vacuum insulation panel (VIP) and high density polyurethane foam

Thermal conductivity < 0.005 W/m/K

Net weight

330 kg / 728 lb.

Standard equipement

3 shelves (maximum weight per shelf: 75 kg / 165 lb)

4 swivel castors

2 levelling feet

Key lock (2 keys supplied)

1 power cord, 2m long

Working temperature

From +18°C (65°F) to +32°C (89°F)

Indoor / outdoor use

For indoor use only


Not designed for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

Noise level

56 dB


2 years

5 years : fan, compressors, condenser

10 years : VIP insulation

Refrigeration system

Cooling engine

2 stage compressors cascade system with intermediate plate heat exchanger

Cold production by 5 internal walls

Expansion device

Capillary tube

Refrigerant load

1st stage : R417A / 2nd stage : R508B (non-flammable, without CFC and HCFC)*

Defrosting method

Manual with heated door-seal and heated valve pit

Electric and electronic data

Controller type

Plug&play electronic regulator

Temperature probe

1 x Pt100 3 wires probe

List of alarms


Configurable high and low temperature and open door alarm

Filter alarm, high pressure default, 24V battery back-up, BoSS system activated, CO2 / LN2 injection in progress


Types of alarms

Visual (12 LED and pictograms) and acoustic alarms

Remote alarm contact

NO - NC dry contact

Energy consumption

1500 W

Types of power supply

Voltage 230V ~ +/-10%, 50 Hz, fuse protection «aM 12A»

Voltage 110V ~ +/-10%, 50/60Hz, fuse protection «aM 20A»

Voltage 220V ~ +/-10%, 60Hz, fuse protection «aM 12A»

Performances (ambient temperature : 22°C / 72°F)

Température range

From -60°C to -86°C, 1/10th degree display

Pull down from ambient to -86°C

~ 4 hours

Uniformity at -80°C