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PerkinElmer Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems




chemagic Prepito®

The chemagic Prepito®-D is based on chemagen‘s proven technology for magnetic particle separation and represents the top quality sample preparation system in a compact benchtop instrument.

It utilizes many years of experience in automated nucleic acid isolation gained with the high throughput instrument chemagic MSM I. In combination with the PrepitoTM Kits, it delivers high yield and purity of DNA/RNA, and ensures the success of your downstream application.

This innovative instrument realizes cost effectiveness through automated dispensing of buffers into standard plastic devices instead of using expensive prefilled cartridges. The chemagic Prepito-D includes bar code reading and a USB port data transfer to support a high quality assurance. Hands-on time is minimized. Processing time is as short as 40 minutes for 1 - 12 samples per batch (for e.g. 250 μl blood).


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chemagic 360

The chemagic 360 represents the ideal solution for nucleic acid isolation in a huge variety of research market segments including but not limited to Human Genetics, Biobanking, HLA Typing, Virus and Bacteria Detection.

Experience the revolutionary compact benchtop design of our new developed chemagic 360. Based on the well established chemagen Technology, the system offers a flexible solution for different sample processing and throughput needs.
Configurable with three kinds of chemagic Rod Heads the system can process
sample volumes from 10 μl - 10 ml.

To support your automation needs, the system is equipped with the chemagic Software and the chemagic Dispenser 360. These allow LIMS-compatible bar code reading/sample tracking and automated buffer filling for all volume applications. Due to its modular set up, the chemagic 360 can be integrated with standard liquid handling units.


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chemagic Prime

The new chemagic Prime instrument is a fully automated research solution for primary sample transfer, DNA and RNA isolation, optional normalization, and PCR setup applications, that offers streamlined, walk-away sample processing. It delivers contaminant-free, extracted DNA and RNA in high concentrations, offering researchers a validated, single supplier workflow.

Nucleic acid isolation is a critical prerequisite for many downstream applications. The chemagic Prime instrument uses patented magnetic bead technology (M-PVA-Magnetic Beads) with fully automated liquid handling to provide high quality and high yield isolation of nucleic acids from a variety of sample types, suitable for NGS, MLPA, genotyping and PCR. Unlike other automated solutions, the chemagic Prime instrument uses magnetized rods instead of magnetic plates to separate nucleic acids from solutions. By transferring the beads instead of the process solutions, the contamination risk is minimized, and higher purity, more intact DNA and RNA can be isolated. Reagent kits are available for the isolation of DNA and RNA from various human samples including whole blood, saliva, plasma, tissues, FFPE samples, and feces.


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