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NUCLEODUR® 100-3 C18 ec

High purity silica phase for HPLC

Brand: Macherey-Nagel

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MN760052.46 EC 250/4.6 Nucleodur100-3 C18 ec EC 250/4.6 Nucleodur100-3 C18 ec Login for price  

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Key features:

  • Ideal and reliable standard RP phase (110 Å) for daily routine analysis and up-scaling for preparative HPLC
  • Wide pore RP phase (300 Å) for separation of biomolecules
  • Medium density octadecyl modification with exhaustive endcapping
  • Wide range of application areas


Technical characteristics:

  • Pore size 110 Å with particle sizes 3 μm and 5 μm; 7 μm, 10 μm, 12 μm, 16 μm, 20 μm, 30 μm and 50 μm for preparative separations,
    carbon content 17.5 %
  • Pore size 300 Å with particle size 5 μm; carbon content 4 %
  • pH stability 1–9; high reproducibility from lot to lot


Recommended application:

  • Basic, neutral or acidic drugs; derivatized amino acids; pesticides; fat-soluble vitamins; aldehydes and ketones; phenolic compounds,
    300 Å phase for proteins and peptides

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