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MACHEREY-NAGEL kits for microbiome research

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers solutions for microbiome studies in all common formats, from single spin columns or anion exchange technology to magnetic beads and high throughput options.

All our kits either contain MN bead tubes for efficient lysis or can be combined with other bead beating options for mechanical sample disruption.

Our advanced kits for inhibitor-rich samples including stool, soil, water, or biofilm provide several steps to eliminate contamination or PCR inhibition, ensuring that the extracted nucleic acids perform optimally in downstream applications.

MACHEREY-NAGEL kits are an ideal choice for your microbiome research.

Plasmid Mini Preps

MN740472.50 NucleoSpin DNA Stool 50
MN740472.250 NucleoSpin DNA Stool 250
MN740473.4 NucleoSpin 96 DNA Stool 384
MN740457.4 NucleoSpin 96 DNA Stool Core 384


MN740140.20 NucleoBond RNA Soil 20
MN740142.10 NucleoBond RNA Soil Mini 10
MN740142.50 NucleoBond RNA Soil Mini 50
MN740130.50 NucleoSpin RNA Stool 50


MN744220.4 NucleoMag DNA/RNA Water 384


MN740786.50 MN Bead Tubes Type A, 2mL 50
MN740799.50 MN Bead Tubes Type A, 5mL 50
MN740469 MN Bead Tube Holder, 2mL 12
MN740459 MN Bead Tube Holder, 5mL
MN740786.B.250 MN Beads Type A (Bulk) 400g
MN740850.4 MN 96 Bead Plate Type A 384
MN740850.24 MN 96 Bead Plate Type A 2304
MN740402.50 NucleoSpin eDNA Water 50
MN740564 Glass Fiber Filter (45 mm, EO-treated) 50
MN740607 NucleoSpin Filter Midi 50
MN740568 Buffer PREC 50mL
MN740408.50 NucleoSpin Inhibitor Removal Kit 50

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