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Marine Checkers & Reagents

Marine Phosphorus Ultra Low Range Checker® HC HA-HI736
Marine Phosphorus, Ultra Low Range, Ascorbic Acid, Reagents for 25 Tests HA-HI736-25
Marine Nitrite Ultra Low Range Checker HC® - Range 0 to 200 ppb HA-HI764
Marine Nitrite Ultra Low Range, Reagents for 25 Tests HA-HI764-25
Marine Phosphate UL Range Checker® HC HA-HI774
Marine Phosphate UL Range Checker® HC Reagents (25 Tests) HA-HI774-25
Marine Nitrate LR Checker HA-HI781
Marine Nitrate LR Reagents (25 Tests) HA-HI781-25
Marine Nitrate HR Checker HA-HI782
Marine Alkalinity Checker® HC HA-HI755
Marine Alkalinity, Colorimetric Method, Reagents for 25 Tests HA-HI755-26
Marine Calcium Checker® HC HA-HI758
Marine Calcium Checker® HC, Reagents (25 Tests) HA-HI758-26
Marine Alkalinity Checker HC Colorimeter: Range 0.0 to 20.0 dKH HA-HI772
Marine Alkalinity Checker® HC Reagents for HI772 (25 Tests) HA-HI772-26
Marine pH Checker HC HA-HI780
Marine pH Checker, Reagents for 100 Tests HA-HI780-25
Marine Waterproof Salinity Tester HA-HI98319
35.00 ppt @ 25°C Salinity Calibration Standard Sachets , (25 x 20mL) HA-HI70024P
Reagents for 25 Marine Nitrate High Range Tests HA-HI782-25


Electrode Storage Solution, 500mL Bottle HA-HI70300L
4.01 pH Value @25°C, 500mL Bottle HA-HI7004L
4.01 pH Value @25°C, 500mL Bottle, Red Colour HA-HI7004C
7.01 pH Value @25°C, 500mL Bottle HA-HI7007L
7.01 pH Value @25°C, 500mL Bottle Green Colour HA-HI7007C
Cleaning Solution for General Purpose, 500mL Bottle HA-HI7061L
Cleaning Solution for Proteins, 500mL Bottle HA-HI7073L

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