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Centrifuge 5425

Centrifuge 5425 is the new laboratory standard. With its 24–place capacity and speed up to 21,130 × g, it is perfectly equipped for all modern molecular biology applications in Eppendorf and PCR tubes.

Brand: Eppendorf

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EP5405000085 Centrifuge 5425 G,Keypad,FA-24x2,230V,AU Centrifuge 5425 G,Keypad,FA-24x2,230V,AU Login for price  
EP5405000280 Centrifuge 5425 G, Keypad, w/o Rotor, 230V,AU Centrifuge 5425 G, Keypad, w/o Rotor, 230V,AU Login for price  
EP5405000484 Centrifuge 5425 G,Knob,FA-24x2,230V, AU Centrifuge 5425 G,Knob,FA-24x2,230V, AU Login for price  
EP5405000689 Centrifuge 5425 G, Knob, w/o Rotor, 230V, AU Centrifuge 5425 G, Knob, w/o Rotor, 230V, AU Login for price  

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Centrifuge 5425 is the new laboratory standard with its 24-place capacity and speed up to 21,330 × g. Focusing on standard applications, it is an essential piece of equipment for modern labs ensuring optimal separation. The Centrifuge 5425 serves as a reliable partner especially for high-throughput users expecting a top level of ergonomic comfort and provides great flexibility with its 6 rotor options.

Soft-touch, one-finger closure for ergonomic lid locking

Eppendorf Kit rotor® (F-45-18-11-Kit) for 18 x spin columns and 1.5/2.0 mL tubes (max. 18,111 x g)

This unique rotor offers a solution for a common problem when working with MiniPrep spin column kits: open tube lids that shear off during the elution step. This problem traditionally occurs because standard rotors do not provide enough support for open tube lids during centrifugation. The Eppendorf Kit rotor is designed with an extended rim that serves as a rest for tube caps during centrifugation and protects them from shearing off. Your tube lids will not tear off anymore.


  • Max. rotor capacity: 10 × 5.0 mL vessels
  • Max. speed: 21,330 × g (15,060 rpm)
  • New: Eppendorf QuickLock technology which allows for fast and ergonomic locking of the rotor lid
  • New: Increased software features (e.g. 10 acceleration and braking ramps, 3 program buttons, short function without continous pressing of the key)
  • New: Increased rotor program (5.0 mL rotor, swing-bucket rotor for PCR strips)
  • OptiBowl® design for quiet operation, even without a rotor lid
  • Soft-touch one-finger lid closure for ergonomic operation
  • Low noise level (< 51 dB) for quiet work environment
  • Automatic lid opening at the end of the run – prevents sample warming and allows easy access to samples
  • Certified aerosol-tight rotor comes standard for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples
Max. RCF 21,330 × g
Max. speed 15,060 rpm
Speed 100 – 2,000 rpm (10 rpm steps)
2,000 – 5,000 rpm (50 rpm steps)
5,000 – 15,060 rpm (100 rpm steps)
Max. capacity 10 × 5.0 mL
Rotors available 6
Acceleration time 15 s
Deceleration time 15 s
Timer 10 s to 9:59 h, with continuous run function
SOFT brake function 10 ramps
Noise level < 51 dB(A)
Power supply 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Max. power consumption 280 W
Dimensions (W × D × H) 24 × 39 × 24 cm
Height (with open lid) 48 cm
Weight w/o accessories 15.6 kg
Cooling non-refrigerated

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