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AAVpro® Extraction Solution, 1 set - CLT6235

Increase AAV yield by at least 3-fold with AAVpro Extraction Solution, a reagent for the extraction of AAV particles from AAV particle-producing cells. Isolation of AAV particles is typically performed using freeze-thaw or sonication methods. However, these methods are time consuming and require special equipment. The AAVpro Extraction Solution provides an improved method for AAV particle isolation; simply add the Extraction Solutions to virus-producing cells and recover viral particles by centrifugation.

Brand: Takara

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CLT6235 AAVpro® Extraction Solution, 1 set AAVpro® Extraction Solution, 1 set Login for price  

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  • Increased viral particle recovery as compared to conventional freeze-thaw methods—expect at least a 3-fold increase in viral yield
  • Simple method for AAV particle extraction from virus-producing cells
  • Resulting viral particle solution contains low amounts of host DNA and protein contamination
  • Can be used for any AAV serotype
  • Extracted AAV particles can be used directly for cell infection or be further purified with the AAVpro Purification Kit

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