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AAVpro® CRISPR/Cas9 Helper Free System (AAV2)

The AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Helper Free System (AAV2) is a complete system for delivery of genes encoding the components necessary for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing (i.e., sgRNA and Cas9 nuclease) to mammalian cells. The included AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Vector Set consists of two plasmids (pAAV-Guide-it-Up and pAAV-Guide-itDown) that each contain a truncated, upstream or downstream portion of the Cas9 gene with a 1.6-kb region of homology.

Brand: Takara

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CLT632608 AAVpro® CRISPR/Cas9 Helper Free System (AAV2) AAVpro® CRISPR/Cas9 Helper Free System (AAV2) Login for price  
CLT632609 AAVpro® CRISPR/Cas9 Vector System AAVpro® CRISPR/Cas9 Vector System Login for price  

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  • Viral delivery of the Cas9 gene and a sgRNA allows for genome editing in hard-to-transfect mammalian cells, including proliferating and non-proliferating cells
  • AAV delivery of Cas9 precludes genomic integration and persistent expression of Cas9, reducing off-target effects
  • Expression of the human microRNA miR-342 from the packaging plasmid significantly increases AAV titer

AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Helper Free Systems (with S. pyogenes Cas9)

  • The SpCas9 gene is split between pAAV-Guide-it-Up and pAAV-Guide-it-Down plasmids with a 1.6-kb region of homology; the homologous region results in recombination in target cells, producing a full-length SpCas9 gene
  • SpCas9 uses the Protospacer Adjacent Motif (PAM) sequence NGG where N is any base – see AAVpro CRISPR/Cas9 Systems User Manual for details
  • pAAV-Guide-it-Down plasmid is provided prelinearized, facilitating single-step cloning of sgRNAs with reduced background due to plasmid re-ligation

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