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During viral pandemics, next-generation sequencing (NGS) can be a valuable tool for the characterization and detection of viruses in the environment, animals, and humans. Additionally, NGS can provide useful insights to help researchers and clinicians looking to develop the right treatment options. We offer a variety of RNA-sequencing kits for unmatched sensitivity and reproducibility for all of your demanding sequencing applications, including research on SARS-CoV-2.


Monitoring of the environment

Monitoring environmental samples (e.g., tabletops, door handles, and other high touch points) for the presence of harmful pathogens requires a high degree of sensitivity, down to just a few copies of a viral or bacterial genome. Our SMARTer RNA-seq products offer sensitivity to detect trace amounts of RNA, and through randomly primed reverse transcription also enable detection of RNA that is in various stages of degradation. In particular, the SMARTer Pico v2 RNA-seq and SMART-Seq Stranded kits work from inputs of <1 ng total RNA to provide comprehensive RNA transcript profiling.


Understanding the effects of viral infection

Our tools, such as the SMART-Seq v4 and SMART-Seq Single Cell kits, can help researchers understand the expression changes that occur in a host as a result of viral infection and treatment - at both the bulk and single-cell level, respectively - to aid in the development of appropriate treatment. Additionally, both of these kits sequence full-length transcripts enabling cell-type identification as well as providing detailed information on isoform changes, SNPs, or splice variants that can help us better understand the response to the infection and treatments alike.





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SMARTer Stranded Total RNA-Seq Kit v2 - Pico Input Mammalian


SMART-Seq Stranded Kit


Efficient preparation of Illumina sequencing libraries from picogram input amounts (250 pg–10 ng) of total RNA. Suitable for processing RNA of any quality including FFPE, LCM samples and cell-free RNA.



Generate strand-specific RNA-seq libraries for Illumina® sequencing from 1–1,000 sorted cells or 10 pg–10 ng of purified total RNA. Suitable for whole transcriptome sequencing with strand-of-origin information.


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Generate cDNA libraries from ultra-low amounts of total RNA, or directly from 1–1,000 intact cells (or 10 pg–10 ng of total RNA).



Generate full-length cDNA directly from single cells. Kit has been validated with 2 pg of total RNA input and with single cells known for low RNA content. e.g. peripheral blood mononuclear cells.


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