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SARS-CoV-2 causes the disease COVID-19, which can result in inflammation. We provide a number of tools for researchers to detect and characterise this inflammation.



BioLegend ELISA and LEGENDplex Kits


BioLegend ELISA Sets and Kits are trusted to accurately quantitate cytokine and chemokine levels, while their LEGENDplex™ kits offer a flow cytometry-based method to analyse up to 13 different targets simultaneously.



View a list of targets on BioLegend's COVID-19 Summary Page


PerkinElmer Immunoassay Technologies


AlphaLISA® Immunoassay Kits


DELFIA® Immunoassay Kits


AlphaLISA® assays are homogeneous, no-wash immunoassays with high sensitivity and wide dynamic ranges. The AlphaLISA platform is ideal for the immunodetection of biomarkers and is now emerging as the new-generation immunoassay technology in drug discovery, preclinical studies, and basic research.



DELFIA® immunoassays are a good alternative to traditional ELISAs (enzyme linked immunosorbent assays). The term ELISA originated during a time that this kind of assay setup needed an enzyme to generate the signal. In DELFIA ELISAs (DELFIA immunoassays), the use of an enzyme is not necessary. DELFIA assays can also be multiplexed.



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