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Macherey-Nagel  - Your Partner for Automated HTP Extractions


MN have partnered with an array of gold-standard brands to develop and optimise purification protocols for automated high throughput extraction. These validated protocols allow for high-quality, high yield extraction of DNA, RNA and protein molecules. Furthermore, MN's R&D staff are on hand to write new scripts for your application should it require a novel approach.

For more information, please select the relevant platform below and discover how MN can help you with your HTP automated extraction. If you’d like to speak to one of our technical sales staff, you can contact us here.


Eppendorf epMotion


MACHEREY–NAGEL and Eppendorf collaborate closely to provide optimized solutions for automated nucleic acid extraction and protein isolation. Together, we established our NucleoSpin, NucleoMag, and Protino 96 technologies on different epMotion platforms and provide protocols for many kits and sample materials.




MN Kits on Tecan Freedom EVO and Fluent platforms


MACHEREY–NAGEL and Tecan collaborate closely to provide optimized solutions for automated nucleic acid extraction. Together we have established NucleoSpin and NucleoMag technologies on different Tecan liquid handling platforms.




MN Kits on KingFisher instruments – Plug and prep DNA / RNA purifications


We have generated a comprehensive set of protocols for DNA and RNA extractions from the most common sample materials and have published a large number of application notes demonstrating the successful implementation of MACHEREY‑NAGEL kits on the KingFisher instruments. Protocols and scripts for KingFisher instruments have been tested and optimized by MN.




MN kits on Hamilton platforms - Standardized purification workflows


MACHEREY–NAGEL and Hamilton co-develop scripts for use of MN kits on several Hamilton platforms and devices. In a coordinated project MN and Hamilton optimized and verified automation processes required for nucleic acid extraction using NucleoSpin purification kits – a representative high throughput technology – on the Genomic STARlet platform. This assures minimal variation and maximal standardization.