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Monitoring the immune response to viral infection

To understand host response when a virus enters the body and later when a treatment is administered, it is important to understand how the transcriptional profiling of a host
cell changes. For SARS-CoV-2, in particular, it will be important to see how the B cells and T cells are affected to understand what is going on with the immune system. Our
human BCR and TCR kits enable you to answer this and other questions and help ensure we can respond properly now and are prepared for the future.


Vaccine Development:


  • Promising vaccine candidates are further optimised by analysing and comparing B-cell antibody and T-cell responses in vaccinated animals prior to and upon exposure to virus


SMARTer Human TCR Profiling Kit



SMARTer Human TCR Profiling Kit


Generate libraries from 10 ng–10 μg of total RNA from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) or 1–100 ng of total RNA from B cells. Kit can be used to generate data for both heavy and light chains of human IgG and IgM.



Generate libraries from 10 ng–3 μg of total RNA from peripheral blood or 50–10,000 purified T cells. Kit can be used to generate data for both alpha and beta-chain diversity.


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